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It is all about ‘us’: you and me and all of us - our families and friends in our immediate neighborhoods - as well as all the individuals and communities that span our globe.

There is a common bond between all of ‘Us’ - one that binds each of us to a common origin, a similar journey and a spiritual destiny. This unity stems not just from our physical humanity - but from the spiritual essence that informs and guides our psychological and moral development.

As the actor Christopher Reeves once said - after the accident  that caused his paralysis and eventual death -

‘families matter ... because we are all family.”

The phases ‘Kindred Spirits” and “Us” are our special ways of recognizing and honoring this common thread that unites all living beings.

The key affirmations are direct and simple:

Empathy, Compassion, Diversity, Inclusion, Living Creatively and Being a 'Unique Tribe of One' - connected to and living within Multiple and Unifying Communities.

* We are thus proud to present a series *

of Workshops, Books and Commentaries

that explore and affirm these unifying themes - with great joy and gusto.

Please read on - for all the particulars -

of who, what and when!



Workshops, Books

& Commentaries

Designed For

the Creative,

the Childlike,

the Loving,

and the

Spiritually Inclined